When Summer Doesn’t Cure Sadness

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Summer is  has finally begun. Perhaps you are relishing the sun, the longer days and the easier schedule. Perhaps you find your mood is better and you have more energy. Great! Drink it in and relish each moment.
But perhaps you have noticed you are feeling irritable or more down, less energy but not sleeping well. A sense of disappointment is also there because many of us tell ourselves, “I’ll feel better once this awful winter is over”. And it’s over. And you don’t. Or perhaps you are puzzled by someone in your life who appears to be more grumpy!
There are a few possibilities for these feelings.
 One is the illness of depression. Frequently I will see someone in June who decides to come to counseling because the improved weather just doesn’t help. This is because depression is an illness that impacts our emotions, our thinking and our bodies. With treatment – counseling and maybe medication, too – people find their spirits lift and they can enjoy the beauty of summer.
Another reason is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Wait, you say, that is only in the winter! Well, there is a type of this disorder that impacts people who have difficulty adjusting to the increased light. They cannot fall asleep and wake up way too early. Sometimes blackout blinds and curtains, going to bed at a set time and limiting light in the evenings is all they need. Sometimes medical help is needed. Doing some research, speaking with your PCP and making some small changes may be just the ticket.
Lastly, if we are facing major losses or challenges in our lives, they do not just disappear with the snow. Speaking with a counselor can frequently help to lessen the emotional pain and allow the person to enjoy moments of hope.
Finally – get outside, run through a sprinkler, list to children laugh. Life can be good. If you are struggling, please call.
Written by Marty D. Laska LPCC-S, LICDC-S, ACHT

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