Thoughts on the New Year | Marty Laska, LPCC-S, LICDC-S, ACHT

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Written by Marty Laska, LPCC-S, LICDC-S, ACHT


Here are some thoughts I am moved to share:

I have read many lists, books and listened to many teachers on the topic of what a person should do if they want to be successful, spiritual, mature… and so on.
What I am reminded is this: all the lists or requirements are developed by someone else. And even if we make our own list, there is a judgment involved of “in order to do better” there is some behavior or thought that needs to be rooted out. As if by magic, if I am perfect I will be happy or successful.
How about just allowing yourself to have an open mind? How about asking “What do I want to do with this precious 1/2 hour?”
Of course, there are basic rules – we know we cannot live on Christmas cookies! (Sigh) But give an open mind approach to your day to day life and see where you go. Happy New Year!

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