The Value of Your Privacy

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Whether or not you were born into the technology generation, it is hard to deny the use of it everywhere we go. Technology can be a very useful resource, when it is used properly. For the most part, companies will respect your personal information. However, it is hard to tell who we can trust, especially with everything surrounding the Facebook scandal.

To start off, let’s cover the basics as to why your privacy should be important to you. Without even going into your personal data, such as what you would post on social media, your medial data is also something people don’t normally think about, but is equally important. Even if you are an open book and generally don’t mind if people know your medical data and history, someone who it could matter to is insurance companies. To the knowledge of the general public, insurance companies have not started buying data about their customers’ medical history. This would most definitely be unethical. Imagine finding out that your insurance rates went up or you were denied because of a service you trusted to keep your information private.

Your first question may be, how do I avoid this happening to me? First off, be wary of what website you trust with your data. Services to find out your ancestry are something that can be tempting, but you have to keep in mind that your genetic makeup is a very personal and specific thing about you. If you give this away, what is really private after that? Stay cautious and skeptical of services like these. If they can’t guarantee they will not sell your information, do not use them.

Another thing is to not panic about this topic either. As long as you are careful, chances are you will be fine. Just keep a lookout and remain cautious as to what you share with others online.

Avenues of Counseling has not and will not ever share your personal information with any third party. The only times we would, we get your consent first, and these are in cases where it is necessary, such as coordinating with another doctor, and these times are always used solely for medical treatment. Our privacy consent form posted here on our website, or you can read it any time you come to one of our offices. It is very straightforward and not misleading in any way so that you know you are in good hands with us, and we are someone you can trust.

Please be careful with your private information. It is your right, not just a privilege.

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