Teaching Teens to Drive in the Snow

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The thought of first time drivers having to endure the winter snow can be terrifying. We already know that teens are more prone to accidents, and when you add snow in the mix, it just gets worse. How can we have teens get experience driving in the snow, while still being safe?


The first thing to note, is that if you live in an area that gets snowfall, sooner or later, they are going to have to drive in it. Chances are, for a good amount of their life, they were driving with you. They most likely already have an idea that generally, when it snows people slow down. Other than this rule of thumb, talk to them about things they may not know about bad weather driving. Certain things like pumping your brakes (even if you have an automatic braking system, or ABS), using all wheel drive, or over-correcting may not be their first thought.


After they are educated on what to do in various scenarios, it is time for them to test the roads themselves. At first, they will probably keep in mind all the things you have told them. Then, they will become more comfortable and try to push the limit, and most likely speed in the snow more than they should. Obviously, the hope is that they will not disregard anything you have told them, but unfortunately, teens will be teens. Chances are they will slip or slide enough to scare them, then they will realize the snow is actually no joke. They will quickly find out there are all the precautions for a reason.


Ultimately, driving in the snow takes time and practice. Take time to drive around with your young driver in the snow, that way you both feel more comfortable. Also, accept the fact that eventually, they will have to endure it alone, so just ensure you give them any information they need.

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