Staying Active During “Cold” Spring

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As people who live in a state where the weather can change mid day, we are used to the early parts of a season changing weather frequently. By the time Spring starts to roll around, people tend to become anxious from having to be inside all winter. Spring fever can hit hard around March and April. There are always those few teaser days where the weather is nice and warm, then the next day it snows.

If you are someone who is active, or especially if you are someone starting off new with an active lifestyle, it can be difficult to stay indoors. Here are some ways to help keep yourself moving. The first idea would be to try and get outside when you can. This means keep an eye on the weather for the day and week. If you notice a day where the weather has the chance of being warm enough to go outside, take advantage of it. Even if you only get one day out of twenty where you enjoyed the fresh air, it is better than nothing.

If there are days where you are unable to go outside because it is too cold, plan an indoor activity. Working out at home can save you a lot of time and money. There are many great resources to find at-home workouts on sites like YouTube. Planning ahead of time what exercises you’re going to do will ensure you will push yourself and not just stop when you are tired.

Lastly, even if it is cold outside, consider still going for a walk or run. Wear layers and pack a small bag to bring along. Getting yourself to go out in the cold when you probably don’t really feel like it can be rewarding afterwards. It proves to yourself you are capable of doing more than you thought you would or could. Obviously if it is too cold, don’t go out. However, if it is around 40-50 degrees, it is perfectly fine to enjoy time outside.

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