Sexual Abuse

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What is it?


At its fundamental basis, sexual abuse describes an adult who has enough of a dominant position over a child or adolescent that he or she coerces the child or adolescent into sexual activity of some kind.  Instances of sexual abuse are not all physical activities, however.  Voyeurism and child pornography are also included.  Perpetrators are most commonly a family member or someone close to the victim.  Sexual abuse by a stranger is much rarer.



 What are the damages?


Children and adolescents who are victims of sexual abuse can suffer from a multitude of psychological and behavioral issues.  Some of these include- but are not limited to- depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders, eating problems, or acting out.  Negative effects of child abuse do not always “clear up” as the victim gets older, often they pervade into adulthood. A history of sexual abuse is frequently linked to ongoing psychological issues.  Adults who were abused as children may have depression or anxiety, which can lead to self-destructive behaviors like drug or alcohol abuse.  In addition to these issues, many victims experience problems with adult relationships and adult sexual functioning.

There is no way to forecast what effects sexual abuse will have on victims, because symptoms are so wide-ranging. Symptoms could be little to none for one individual, to severe in another. Counseling for the individual is imperative and also crucial for his or her loved ones since an important predictor of recovery is a well-functioning family and familial support.

The frequency of sexual abuse in our nation is difficult to calculate.  Particularly because there rarely is definitive physical evidence of its occurrence, and because of the negative stigma, shame, and self-blame that victims of sexual abuse usually experience, which makes it less likely for it to be reported.  However, there is a general consensus by mental health professionals that it is a common and serious social issue in the United States.


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