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How Does Life Change in Older Years?


There are many life changes that are specific to senior citizens.  A lot of these changes can cause senior citizens to experience anxiety or depression.  There are physical changes; like the general slowing down of physical activity.  There are also more specific physical changes, such as changes in vision, hearing or dealing with chronic illnesses or pain.  There are also social changes that can affect senior citizens mental health.  A big change can often be the loss of a spouse, other family member or close friends.  Adjusting to retired life can be stressful, as senior citizens are trying to figure out how to stay productive and engaged in their older years.



Mental Health for Senior Citizens


Senior citizens have just as much risk (and sometimes more risk than younger people) for mental health disorders.  Here are some of the mental health issues senior citizens may experience:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s Disorder

Many senior citizens may struggle with these or other mental health issues, but are untreated.  A reason for this is that some senior citizens did not grow up understanding or valuing psychotherapy.  They may, in turn, be hesitant or afraid to seek out treatment.  They may not even realize that the symptoms they struggle with are mental health concerns that can be easily treated.

Avenues of Counseling and Mediation, LLC has locations in Medina and Fairlawn, and both offices have Clinicians that work with senior citizens who need help.

For more information about the needs of senior citizens, check out the Geriatric Mental Health Foundation.



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