Adoption Issues

Counseling for Adoptees and Adoptive Parents in Medina, Ohio

Adopting a child can be an extremely rewarding experience. There have been significant enhancements in the adoption process over recent years.  Most organizations now offer more opportunities for adoptive parents to educate and prepare themselves for the arrival of their adoptive child and how to be effective and supportive parents. The adoption experience is a unique one, however, and may come with some hurtles that make it more difficult to shoulder the task of healing an adopted child and restoring a family.




Mental Health Needs of Adopted Children


Even in the best adoption scenario, an adopted child may have to deal with challenges that are specific to the adoption experience.  Often there are feelings of bereavement/grief (loss of birth parents, siblings, or other biological family members) or attachment issues (trouble with trusting or attaching to adoptive parents).

At worst, an adopted child might have various serious health issues that may not diminish, even as they grow older.  Some adopted children have been exposed, to drugs or alcohol which can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (if exposure is prenatal) or other medical problems.  Many adopted children are removed from their birthparents’ custody due to do abuse or neglect, only to then experience months, sometimes years, of inconsistent caregiving in foster care before they are adopted, which can increase the likelihood of emotional and behavioral issues, mental health disorders, such as ADHD and ODD, among others, learning disabilities, and developmental delays.



Counseling Can Help Parents Be Prepared For:


·    Expectations of adoption experience, history/needs of adopted child
·    Mental health concerns that may accompany an adopted child
·    Integrating adopted child into new adoptive family
·    Best parenting strategies for adoptive family life
·    Talking to adopted children about their adoption
·    Identity issues for adopted children
·    Adopted children’s desire to search for biological parents



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