Radically Accepting Where We Are

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Written by Lexi Enright, IMFT


In a time marked by many unknowns and disappointment around things we have been looking forward to being cancelled or postponed, it is important for us to practice some radical acceptance. Radical acceptance is the practice of acknowledging reality, accepting the things we cannot change and recognizing that just because we accept these things, does not mean we have to “like it.”


How can radical acceptance help me during this time?

    • Radical acceptance removes the suffering of fighting against those things we cannot change. There is so much outside of our control right now; if we can accept these things, we can alleviate some of the pain for ourselves. 
    • Radical acceptance allows us time and space to process how we are feeling. It is okay to feel sad about the cancelled school event or the postponed concert/ activity that you have been looking forward to. 


Side note: Show up to listen to how your family and friends are feeling during this time AND fight those urges to “solve the problem” or “make it all better” right now…sometimes we just need someone to listen and witness these feelings with us.


Radical acceptance promotes growth and the ability to move through or forward. Radical acceptance can help us to “let go” of what we cannot change and to focus on what is within our control. We can find ways to stay connected, stay creative and stay hopeful, especially when we work together and lean on one another for support.


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