Postpartum Depression Awareness

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Did you know that according to 70-80% of women who just gave birth, at minimum, experience what is often referred to as, “the baby blues.” This is what a majority of women experience and is normal for moms. However, when the depression becomes more and more persistent, and lasts many months, that is what is called “postpartum depression” or PPD. According to that same website, anywhere from 10-20% of women experience this.


Postpartum depression can be something that is difficult to discuss among new mothers for many reasons. For one, a lot of moms feel as though they are taking their new baby for granted, or not appreciative enough. It is very unfortunate that new moms can feel this way because of the stigma.


The most important thing in helping someone with PPD is an ongoing professional treatment to help manage. However, only a small amount of women seek help. The awareness that PPD is a global health issue. It can affect all races, ethnicities, cultures, education and socioeconomic levels. Postpartum depression doesn’t only affect new mothers. It can affect fathers and adoptive parents as well.


Whether it is yourself or someone you know experiencing postpartum depression, be patient. Staying kind to yourself or the affected person can make seeking out help and staying on the road to recovery much easier.

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