Nourishing a Long Term Relationship

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Many people who are single envy those in a seemingly perfect relationship. However, anyone who has had a romantic relationship know they are never perfect and are quite a bit of work.


Relationships are a commitment. This means that you will eventually find yourself with days where you quite literally cannot stand your significant other. You will have thoughts begging the question why you thought it was a good idea to be in a relationship. The truth that no one wants to admit is that this is a messy commitment. Yes, it is important to know the difference between typical relationship behaviors and abuse, but assuming everything is within healthy boundaries, it will still be messy.

The main thing to accept is that everyone in life is going to hurt your feelings in one way or another, and in various ways with various impacts. We are all human. We all want to be forgiven, but do not like to forgive. The best thing you can do in this situation is take a step back from your own feelings (take yourself out of the equation) and see why they are doing what they are doing. This can help you understand your significant other in ways you never thought you would.

Be sure to always communicate your feelings about these things and how they make you feel. Even if you think it is obvious, sometimes hearing these things calmly out loud can really make an impact. Being kind and honest when you are hurt will get you a lot closer to peace than yelling and screaming.

The main thing to remember for the rainy days is why you fell in love with that person in the first place. Going back to the happy memories can make you feel rejuvenated. Celebrate each other when you can, and pick each other up when you can’t. Remember that as much as you try, a long term relationship is not always going to be 50-50. Being there for each other will make for a very rewarding life in the long run.

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