Moods Changing with the Seasons

Posted by on Sep 19, 2018 in Hot Topics | 0 comments

The longer you live, the more you may start to notice just how much the seasons can affect our mood. If you really dive in, it makes perfect sense. There are so many changing factors that we tend to feel changes in more areas than just the weather outside. For example, family may be coming in for the holidays, our weight fluctuates, and kids are in and out of school.

How do we cope with these changes that come with the seasons? Take the time to carve out a routine that works for you. Sometimes, having a set schedule that we enjoy can help us feel at ease in a chaotic and changing world. This includes adding in leisure activities you enjoy along with the work.

Also, embrace the change. Accept that the world around you is going to change, but that certain things can still be controlled. Having the mindset of living in the present can make the colder weather feel much more comfortable.

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