Find a Mediator in Medina and Fairlawn Ohio

Mediation offers you an alternative to litigation. Avenues of Counseling and Mediation has trained professionals guiding you through complicated decisions such as: Divorce or Dissolution, Parenting Agreements, Custody Issues, Business Disputes and School Agreements.

MediationMediation is the use of an impartial person to help make informed decisions and to develop mutually acceptable agreements.  The process is inexpensive and empowers people to solve their problems on their own without expensive legal fees or the involvement of third parties with vested interests.

Is Mediation Practicing Law?

No. A mediator does not provide individual legal advice or representation. The mediator impartially assists clients to create informed and fair agreements and recommends that agreements be presented to independent legal counsel.


When To Seek Mediation?

  • When there is to be a continuing relationship between the parents/parties involved

  • When the parents/parties want to lessen the trauma of adversarial proceedings

  • When children’s lives and futures are involved


What Are The Benefits of Mediation?

While the primary goal of mediation is to reach an agreement, mediation also promotes communication and cooperation. This may mean the parties will be able to focus on the issues and be more appropriately involved in the process.


The Mediation Process

Mediation is useful for clients who are having difficulty focusing on essential issues regarding: separation and divorce, post-divorce conflicts, premarital preparation, stepfamily issues, parent-teen problems, and adoption. The mediator helps people examine their situation in terms of their needs and interests, and where applicable, the best outcome for their children. Problems are separated into specific issues and discussed. The mediator helps people shape, understand and evaluate options. Clients are encouraged to consult experts, attorneys, through the process. A Memorandum of Understanding is prepared and the mediator recommends agreements be reviewed by each parties’ independent legal counsel.


Who Provides Mediation?

There is no licensure required, nor a certification in place. However, according to Ohio State Superintendent Rule 16, in order for a professional to provide court connected custody mediation they must have: a Bachelor degree, two years of professional experience with families, twelve hours of training in basic mediation and forty hours of divorce mediation training by a court approved training program.

Avenues of Counseling and Mediation, LLC has trained Mediators in the Medina and Fairlawn offices who are ready to help.