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The definition of vivify is: to make more lively or vivid; to animate; to make more lively, intense or striking. When you vivify something you bring excitement and new life to it.

You could vivify your home by painting the walls energetic colors that make you happy. You could vivify your meals by adding some new exotic ingredient or spice to your preparation.

Vivify comes from the latin word ‘vivus’ meaning alive. Think about this. Of course you are living, but are you ‘living a vibrant life’? Do you wake up feeling grateful for another day, ready to make the most of it? It seems that often we wish the days away. Wishing for the end of the work day, wishing for the weekend, wishing through the winter months, only to complain about how hot the summer days have been.

At Vivify Wellness at Avenues we want to help you change that mindset. We want you to feel so good that you relish every moment of every day. We want you to feel vibrant. The services we offer can help you breathe better, feel refreshed and more confident, feel more connected to your own body and what it needs, feel focused and in control, and be able to center yourself your days get challenging. We want you to vivify your life.

The services at Vivify Wellness at Avenues are wonderful stand-alone treatments to assist with relaxation, detoxification, and overall wellness and are also an ideal complement to help someone reach an existing mental health treatment goals.

Invest in yourself and Vivify your life!