How Art Therapy Can Help Teens

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We all know the infamous time of teenage years. Some say it is even worse than having a toddler. Since during teen years, our brains are still developing, humans tend to be a bit impulsive and emotional. It can be extremely difficult at that time to express new emotions we are feeling. It is easy to fall into a depression and feel completely alone.

Introducing a way to nonviolently express teen emotions can make a huge difference in teaching your child coping mechanisms, and how to deal with day to day life. Art therapy is one way to express yourself and give peace to your mind. It is so effective in teens, according to, because “Art as an expressive language provides an entrée into a relationship with teenagers by tapping into their creativity and offering a form of communication that is nonthreatening and over which the adolescent has control. When teens enter the art therapy room, they find drawing materials and other forms of media on a table. They are invited to draw anything they choose and even to make a statement in images that represent their feelings about being in the therapeutic setting.”

For anyone not wanting to try it alone, there are group settings in which art therapy is available as well. If you do not want to try it out because you assume you are bad at art, just know that is not what the idea is about. You do not have to be skilled or have any experience. One of the best things about art therapy is how inclusive it is.

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