Having a Hard Time Working From Home?

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Many of us have been faced with the new challenge of having to work from home during these uncertain times. Below are some tips to help you maintain productivity and manage work/life balance.

  • Set a routine. Try to wake up at the same time as you usually would for work and keep the same hours and break schedules as best you can. 
  •  Try to get yourself psychologically in the mindset of work by getting dressed as if you were working in the office. 
  • Create a comfortable workspace, with comfortable furniture, privacy (as much as possible), and required technology, supplies, and tools, 
  • Set a schedule and create boundaries with family members in terms of when you are and are not available. 
  • Use a planner and create a daily to-do list to stay on track.
  • Re-frame from getting on social media, having the tv on or other distractions that you usually would not be able to access if you were in the office. 
  • Take regular stretch breaks or short walks when losing focus to help get back on track.
  • For people with children, create a routine for them as well.  Encourage them to engage in their online school activities at the same time you are working.  Have structured activities on hand that they can do by themselves such as reading books, playing games, puzzles and art projects. If possible set up play sessions with friends through virtual chat platforms. 
  • To avoid social isolation stay connected with coworkers. Make it part of your daily work routine by sending a quick morning hello, or have a virtual lunch.
  • Make it a goal to end your workday at the same time as you usually would.  Put away work materials and stay out of your “office” until your next workday.


Written by Noha Everetts, MA.Ed, LPCC. Read more about Noha here.


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  1. Ruth Mistic says:

    Thanks Noha! I like the idea of connecting with colleagues. I will work on that! Ruth

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