Halloween Mindfulness

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It’s the spookiest time of the year! Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults. Kids are not the only ones to celebrate either. Plenty of adults still dress up, have parties, and pass out candy.


Basic Halloween safety for kids trick-or-treating is fairly well known. However, adult safety and mindfulness for Halloween is sometimes overlooked. A huge part of the holiday is obviously dressing up in costumes, sometimes scary. One of the major things that we have to be aware of about ourselves is phobias.

With all the costumes, it is a good chance you could run into someone dressed as something you are truly fearful of. A common phobia affected by Halloween is coulrophobia or the fear of clowns. While it is a person’s right to dress up as whatever they please, you should know what you need to do if you encounter someone who might trigger these phobias.

So what should you do if you have an encounter? Your first reaction may be feeling like panic. Just do your best to reassure yourself that you are in fact okay and safe. Keep someone around you know you trust, who you can turn to if you are starting to feel unsafe.

To plan for the situation of you being in a full blown panic attack, think of a place where you could escape to that would make you feel safe. If you’re not at home it could be a place like your car, a bathroom, or any room where there is no occupants. Bring your trusted person along if you prefer it.

Along with that, make sure to stay aware if your surrounding for an overall fun and safe Halloween!

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