Group Counseling

Group counseling gives you an opportunity you don’t get with individual sessions.  In group counseling, you can gain perspective on your own life by hearing about other people’s challenges.  Also by hearing how other people tackle their own problems, you can learn a whole range of strategies and tools you may have never thought of before.


What are the Benefits of Group Counseling?

The benefits of group counseling are two-fold.  First of all group counseling gives you a support network and a sounding board. At first it may be a little awkward to talk about your problems in front of strangers.  Most people who have participated in group counseling in the past say that they were surprised at how liberating it was to find out that they were not alone in their problems.  It can be a real relief to discuss with others what you might be going through and realizing you are not the only one dealing with these struggles.


In addition to the benefits of doing counseling in a group setting, group counseling sessions are led by licensed Clinicians or Psychologists. They have specialized training for specific problems. You will have the opportunity to learn effective, scientifically tested techniques to address your issues from an expert.  This is not always the case with support groups or self-help groups.


We offer ongoing, monthly group therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. Here are some of the topics we have covered in group sessions.  Contact the office at (330)723-7977 for more details.


Upcoming Groups:

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