Featured Therapist

Diane J. Maytas, LPCC, ATR, CHT | Art Therapist

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“Since I was able to pick up a pencil, I was drawing. I learned early on that art was a healing force in my life, and it continues to be today. I earned my first degree in Art Education from Youngstown State University, as I loved working in school with children who sought an outlet to express themselves. Through their creating, I began to witness their healing. I soon heard about art therapy and became eager to branch out into counseling while utilizing a variety of artistic modalities. For years, I witnessed individuals share their stories through their art as they found and followed their own path in healing.

Another great interest of mine is the study of the brain. My two passions, art and neuroscience became the foundation of my thesis at Ursuline College. I have since utilized interventions that assist and educate my clients on the functions of the brain and the effects they have on the body. My clients now have a greater understanding of brain function and self-regulation through grounding interventions and therapies. Over the years, my life has cycled from art to education to the brain and back again. I’ve used the knowledge I’ve gathered to guide my clients on their own path to self-awareness, empowerment and enlightenment.

I love to spend time with my family, continue to create art, cook, bake, and exercise my green thumb! {All grounding interventions 😊}”