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Suzanne Savickas M.Ed., M.F.A., CRC, LPC | Career Counseling

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“How did you know you wanted to be a therapist?” 


“After college, I moved to Colorado to get a Master of Fine Arts in Writing and Poetics with a Concentration in Poetry.  I loved writing; however, quickly realized that I could not survive on writing alone.  When I moved back to Ohio, I worked for two individuals who had physical disabilities, working as a personal healthcare attendant.  I noticed the impact their disabilities had on their mental health, and decided that I would like to provide counseling for individuals with disabilities.  I earned a Master’s of Education in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling to counsel individuals with disabilities and assist them in obtaining or maintaining employment.  After I worked in the field for a few years, I realized I had a desire to be able to counsel a more diverse and eclectic range of individuals facing life’s transitions.  I went back to school, and am in the process of completing my doctorate in Counseling and Human Development Services, so that I have been able to practice mental health counseling and use my knowledge and experience to teach future counselors.  I still love poetry, and incorporate poetry therapy and creative interventions into my counseling practice.  I find that poetry therapy, music interventions, journaling, and bibliotherapy often work well with individuals who value creativity and may express their emotions in unconventional manners.”






Suzanne Savickas, M.Ed., M.F.A., CRC, LPC has her Master’s of Education in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from Kent State University, her Master of Fine Art in Writing and Poetics with a Concentration in Poetry from Naropa University, and is currently a doctoral candidate in Counseling and Human Development Studies at Kent State University, and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Ohio.  Suzanne specializes in career counseling using the Life Design Paradigm, the Career Construction Interview, and My Career Story.   She is a core faulty member of the Career Construction Institute.  In counseling practice, she uses narrative therapy and creative interventions. In addition to career counseling, Suzanne’s areas of expertise include psychosocial impacts of disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, chronic illness, adjustment disorders, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, grief/bereavement, post traumatic stress disorders, adolescent issues (substance abuse, identity formation, relationship issues, behavior management), cultural issues, and conflict management.  She incorporates creative interventions such as poetry therapy and using music as a form of stress management.