Featured Therapist

Jennifer Zimmerman | Counselor for Adolescents and Adults with Anxiety, Depression, or Eating Disorders

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“How did you know you wanted to be a therapist?” 


“There is a small handful of individuals who have always known what job they wanted when they grew up and actually followed that path. However, the rest of us had to figure it out along the way. We look at our interests, we consider our strengths, and ultimately we find the best fit. As a child I wanted to be a veterinarian. I loved animals and wanted to be of help, but I quickly learned that I could not stomach even the thought of needles or blood. So, that career option was quickly out of the running. Over the years I considered a variety of potential careers until I found my best fit: becoming a mental health therapist.

How did I know this career was ‘the one’ for me? Similar to how one would know that they have found a true friend. You look forward to the time that you are able to spend together because you know you will feel genuinely happy. And even though the relationship will have it difficult days, it is worth fighting for because at the end your friendship is even stronger.

For me, this career is a place where I feel rewarded every day as I help others move towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. I genuinely want to be present with my clients as they go through life’s ups and downs, providing them with unconditional support and therapeutic guidance. Although this career can be challenging, it is in those moments that I have chosen an occupation where I will continue to learn, help others, and smile throughout the course of my career. I feel truly fortunate to have such an opportunity.

This opportunity would not be possible without you- my clients. I have worked with a variety of clients, assisting with a variety of presenting concerns. I love the process of connecting with people and getting to know them on a deeper level. As the therapeutic relationship grows and time passes, it is inspiring to watch progress take place. Progress- not matter how small- is still progress and provides the individual with the reminder that things can get better. And things will get better.”