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Shirley Miller IMFT | Marriage & Family Therapist

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Do you struggle to get out of your own way? Life dictates that we all experience seasons of growth change struggle disappointment anticipation is so much more. As a marriage and family therapist I see each person as a seed. Seeds contain everything they need to become who they were meant to be. What determines growth is what surround a seed and its environment. Like a seed you have everything inside of you to grow into everything your purpose to be. Things that hinder personal growth can be past trauma, disappointment, fear of the future, anxiety, depression and so much more. I have a very holistic approach to therapy which includes attention the mind body and spirit of each individual client using a variety of approaches. Do you feel ready to grow? I would treasure the opportunity to support you and accomplishing the change you’ve always imagined for yourself. Shirley Miller is a licensed independent marriage and family therapist.