Enjoying Your Life

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We have a tendency to skip over the things that make us happy when we get caught in our busy schedules. Sometimes, one of the most challenging things we can do is actually sit down and reflect on all of the good things in our life, rather than the negative.


Life is bound to get hectic and overwhelming at times. During these times, it is so easy to be caught up chasing something we don’t have, because we think it will fulfill us.  This can create a harmful cycle. If we are constantly chasing the newest thing to make ourselves happy, when will it end? If you find yourself in this cycle, it is time to have a thorough reevaluation of the things that are important to you.

Think about the things you value the most. It could be friends, family, shopping, yoga, or video games. The goal is to get down to the core of the relationships and hobbies that are the most crucial to your happiness, anything else is “extra.” Once you have identified the most meaningful things to you, try to incorporate them into your life more. If it is not physically or financially possible, try to find something that is similar, or a good “dupe” for it.

Now that you know what makes you happy, be grateful for these things. On our worst days it can feel like we have nothing to live for. These are the exact times that we should focus on ourselves and the things we love, and show gratitude for them. You never know when something can be taken away, so we should enjoy the privilege of them while they are here.

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