Dealing with Changing Life Stages

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As you have gotten older, you have probably noticed your life becoming very different as each chapter unfolds. For example, as we get older and life goes on, it is harder to stay in contact with dear friends. These transitions can be difficult and lonely at times. It can be tough to accept the fact that every day life can be tirelessly mundane and boring at times. This is how people get stuck in “the good old days” and don’t necessarily enjoy the stage they are at.

There is no getting around the idea that life is going to change. Not only within yourself, but the people around you will also change, grow, move, have kids, get married, etc. Trying to stay in the past will ultimately hinder your future. It is important to be thankful for today. Living in the present moment is all we can do because nothing else is certain, and the past is the past.

If you are currently in a stage of life where you are in a transitional period, enjoy that too. You have so much to look forward to. However, even enjoying the thought of the future only can negatively affect this present moment. Be excited for the future, but do not put all of your happiness in one place.

Learn from today, and never miss an opportunity to learn something new. Our lives can change in 5 seconds, so be grateful for what we have today. This in turn will make life’s crazy changes easier to cope with, and hopefully make it easier for you to continue to learn and grow.

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