Creating a Bridge of Connection and Meaning with the Kids in Your Life

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Written by: Celeste A. Mullen, M.A.Ed., LPCC-S, CCTP

Are You Missing the Connection with Grandchildren, Nieces, or Nephews?

grandmother making cookies with granddaughter

Our daily lives are often busy and make it a challenge to have quality interactions with those we love. While adults can easily banter and ask questions that assure us they are okay, it takes a
little more thought to make sure our connections with kids are engaging and meaningful. The physical/social distance guidelines that have been recently implemented to keep us safe, have
many of us missing our families and friends and especially the kids in our lives. We can no longer look forward to attending the dance or music recitals, baseball games or karate ceremonies that would typically be coming up in June, so how do we “do” things with the kids to continue to create memories and meaning?


As I am navigating the present “new normal” and choices for connection, I am finding that experiential activities on Skype with my granddaughter help create quality time spent together, in addition to providing time for my daughter to have a little time to breathe. Some of the things she and I do include:

  • Talk about specific details of her week which will provide opportunities for her to share her life, e.g. a zoom birthday party, her zoom session with her class and the past week the Easter bunny.
  • She and I both enjoy taking pictures and we will look at family albums and share different memories or stories.
  • Mailing cards with stickers. She loves to get mail with her name on it!
  • Sometimes I leave pictures or notes for her on Skype so when she turns it on to contact someone she will see it, she does the same.
  • Sometimes I read to her, or she chooses a book she would like to read to me.
  • She was taking piano lessons and will play something on her keyboard for me.
  • We are talking about each getting a copy of the same chapter book and we can each read a chapter to each other.


Other options I am exploring:

  • Playing Hedbanz
  • Play Charades
  • Play 20 Questions
  • Pictionary
  • Have a dance party
  • Play I Spy
  • Play Hangman
  • Tell Jokes and Riddles


I’m sure you will come up with more ways to share your LOVE!

Take care of you and those you love.


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