Career Counseling

Career Counseling Services in Fairlawn, Ohio

What is Career Counseling?

Career Counseling provides individuals the support and structure needed to develop and implement effective career planning and job search techniques. Career counselors help individuals process decisions and goals as they relate to career directions. Techniques used for career counseling may include various vocational assessments to aid in the identification of career preferences as well as personal strengths and weaknesses as related to occupational environment. In addition, career counselors are likely to encourage various exploratory activities through assignments to assist in the development of individualized plans. A career counseling coach provides support to an individual planning his/her career needs, experiencing job stress or loss. A career counselor does not diagnose or assume responsibility of an individual’s career choice or behaviors related to planning experiences.

Ways Career Counseling Can Be Useful:

  • Picking a Major
  • Changing or Picking Jobs
  • Identifying Ways to Advance Your Career
  • Creating/Improving Your Resume and Cover Letter
  • Networking
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Appropriate Social Media Use

Your Student

Help your high school junior or senior decide on a major before they begin their freshman year. WHY? At least 50% of college students change a major at least one time, if not two or three times. This can lead to more years in school, more tuition costs, and less competitive status when it comes to internships and jobs. Indecision can also cause frustration and sometimes depression for your undecided student. Our Career Counselors can help build a foundation of decision making skills for your student, while encouraging the decision of a college major from an educated point of view. They can also assist current college students identify plans and options for graduate school.


How about you? Are you interested in changing your careers? Or perhaps now that the kids are independent you want to get back to work? Or maybe you’re seeking a professional outlet to achieve more autonomy and independence. Jen can assist with career exploration as well as resume and job search strategy.

Life Designing 

Life designing is a collaborative process which can be used across the lifespan. Students transitioning from high school to college may benefit by using life design to choose a major and decide on a career path that best suits their abilities, interests, and personality.

Life design counseling may be a good investment for daughters and sons of parents who are frustrated by a daughter who cannot decide on a college major or a son who has difficulty launching a career after graduation. In addition to college students and emerging adults, life designing can benefit individuals who are dissatisfied with the current employment and wish to change occupations. Life design counselors often hear statements such as the following. “I am 30 years old, and I have a full-time job that I do not like, how do I find a new career?” “I am a 45 year old and I am thinking about a career change” or “I am 55-years old and have recently been laid off. I want to use the skills I already have in a new career. I do not know what else I can do, as I have never worked professionally at another company or doing anything else.” “I will be retiring soon and I want help in re-imagining my life.”

Narrative counseling and life designing helps to construct and manage careers, restart stalled initiatives, overcome barriers, and foster identity development. In sum, life design counseling clarifies one’s purpose in life and how to pursue it at work.